Who Does NCMSDC Certify?


NCMSDC certifies any for profit U.S. business located in Northern California or Hawaii that is 51% or more ethnic-minority-owned, operated and controlled by U.S. citizen(s).


Does NCMSDC certify all businesses?


No, NCMSDC does not certify non-profits, franchise business, hotels, and car dealerships (unless a fleet contract is in place).


Benefits of Certification

  • Nationally-recognized minority business certification
  • Direct access to procurement executives & buyers
  • Invitations to private networking events & seminars
  • Access to business development resources
  • Exposure to business opportunities: Both our corporate and MBE constituents are encouraged to post contract opportunities on NCMSDC's web page
  • National & local referrals: Each certified MBE's profile is listed in local and national databases and on our website. Corporations regularly utilize our databases and website as an invaluable source for locating certified minority vendors

Cost of Certification:

$350.00 Initial certification processing fee (local) (non-refundable)
$150.00 Initial certification processing fee (reciprocal) (non-refundable) 
$150.00 Annual recertification (renewal) and profile update (all) (non-refundable)

NOTE: Credit Card option NOT available


NCMSDC does not Certify all companies:

The network does not certify non-profits and no longer certifies a franchise business, and car dealerships (unless a fleet contract is in place).





All completed applications MUST be submitted in a 3-ring binder, tabbed, and in order of required documents, to avoid processing delays and help during application review. Applications not meeting this requirement will be returned. (Exception: Reciprocal Applicants)


Applications submitted to our offices and "in-house" by the 21st of the month by 5PM, will be reviewed at the next Certification Committee meeting (if the 21st falls on a weekend, the deadline is the previous Friday by, 5PM).  



1) Applications are first reviewed by the Director of Certification.  You will be notified if additional supporting documents are required.

2) Only complete applications will then be reviewed by the Certification Committee during the FIRST week of the following month. 

3) A site visit is scheduled during the second thru fourth week of the month.  Site visits are mandatory and conducted at the headquarters of the business by either NCMSDC or a member of the Certification Committee.  An application will not be approved without a site visit.  Home Office operations have the flexibility to meet at a mutually agreeable location.
4) The Committee recommends certification based on the evaluation and analysis of your application data and a site inspection of your business. 

5) NCMSDC's Board of Directors reviews and approves the Certification Committee's recommendations for MBE certification during the last day of each month.

6) Should you become certified by NCMSDC, it is your responsibility to maintain up to date certification yearly.  Your certification expiration date will be listed on your your hard copy paper certificate.  Courtesy system generated notifications will be sent to all primary contacts for your company, warning that your certification is due to expire.  For help updating your company contacts, Click Here.


Documents that must be submitted with your application:

All businesses must provide the following (additional information is required for Partnerships, Corporations, or LLC. Please view Frequently Asked Questions section):


Click Here for the NCMSDC 2011 MBE Application Checklist


Note: If Incorporated, LLC, or Partnership - additional documents are required. Please see FAQ's.


*2 years of personal taxes, if in business less than 1 year, or combination of taxes equaling two years worth.  Provide complete taxes, not a summary.


Note: Social Security# is not an acceptable form of EIN# for your business. An Employer Identification Number or EIN (also known as Federal Employer Identification Number or (FEIN)) is the corporate equivalent to a Social Security Number, although it is issued to anyone, including individuals, who has to pay withholding taxes on employees.   Please visit the IRS website to register for an EIN: http://www.irs.gov/businesses/small/article/0,,id=97860,00.html 


NOTE: If you are a Mac User and are encountering difficulties filling out our online form, please click here.

Click here for Certification and Application Instructions



Complete the on-line Reciprocal Application. When you have completed your profile, click on "Generate PDF Form (Do NOT print screen), print, sign, date, notarize your application and submit along with a copy of your "Home Council" certificate. Please note to use your local notary page that is provided by your state (not included with your recertification paperwork).

If you are a reciprocally certified company, you do not need to include a copy of your tax return, but please submit a copy of your current home council certificate.

Submit the complete profile to NCMSDC, along with a check for $150 made payable to "NCMSDC."

NOTE: Credit Card option NOT available

NOTE: NAICS codes MUST be identical to your HOME Council reviewed and approved NAICS codes.


IMPORTANT: All updated information MUST be updated via our website. DO NOT USE Adobe Acrobat "Writer" to update your profile directly on your document as your data will not be captured in our database.


NOTE: If you are a Mac User and are encountering difficulties filling out our online form, please click here.


Click here for Reciprocal Application



·         Once you are logged in, click on "Modify your application"

·         Update your company profile as necessary then click "update" to save

·         After you are automatically sent back to the main MBE menu, click on "generate PDF"

o   You will need Adobe 6 or higher to generate the PDF form properly

o   If you don't have Adobe 6 or higher, download it here

·         Print a hard copy of the PDF

·         Submit the following documents to our office at 460 Hegenberger Road, Suite 730, Oakland, CA 94621:

o   Copy of the PDF printout

o   Affidavit signed by the owner

o   Notarized application profile

o   A check for $150 made payable to "NCMSDC".

    NOTE: Credit Card option NOT available

o   NCMSDC-certified MBEs ONLY: include a full copy of your most recent business tax returns

o   Reciprocals ONLY: include a copy of your home council certificate.


NOTE: Information that cannot be updated and is "locked" ex. Owners, ownership %, NAIC codes, product description, please hand-write these changes directly onto your MBE Application; we will modify/change upon receipt and review. However, we will need ALL supporting documents reflecting these changes to confirm and compare to your application.


NOTE: If you are a Mac User and are encountering difficulties filling out our online form, please click here.


*Please note:  Your completed recertification paperwork must be post-marked by the expiration date on your certificate.  Companies who have not submitted their paperwork by the expiration date will be decertified the day after their certification expires.  And although our system sends an automated email reminder 60, 30, 15 days in advance, it is the responsibility of the MBE to apply by the expiration date. There are no exceptions, extensions, or 'grace periods' provided to any company.



Click here for Re-Certification MBE/Reciprocal Log-in

Note: We are aware that some users may experience opening a blank application. Do not re-enter the information as the database will populate the form automatically. If you are experiencing a problem, we recommend that you check the following; 1) are you only using Internet Explorer web browser and Adobe Acrobat Reader 6 or higher?, 2) operating on a PC (MAC users will experience problems)?, 3) operating  only one version of Adobe Acrobat Reader?, 4) check your security settings to allow download of our webpage content; (after loging in and generating the application form, right click far left side of window and select “Hide Navigation Panel Buttons”, and a Security Message will appear at the top of the page to allow access to incoming data to be downloaded.)


IMPORTANT: All updated information MUST be updated via our website. DO NOT USE Adobe Acrobat "Writer" to update your profile directly on your document as your data will not be captured in our database.

"Congratulations, You're Certified: Now What?"
An Interactive & Free Seminar about Maximizing Your Certification

  • Learn how to navigate the NCMSDC website and find corporate sponsors
  • Hear about NCMSDC events from our glamorous Awards Gala to our business-boosting local and national Minority Business Opportunity Expos
  • Get inside tips & tricks about leveraging your certification from an experienced MBE
  • Learn how to recertify and avoid decertification
  • Network with other newly-certified MBEs
  • Get your questions answered during the Q&A session
  • And more!

NOTE: On the day of the event, all registrants must CHECK IN WITH SECURITY before proceeding to the NCMSDC office!


Upcoming Seminar Dates:
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Who to contact with your certification questions:

Office: 510.686.2555

Email: certification@ncmsdc.org